November 21 – Celebration of the day of the Municipality Tivat

21 Nov 2020

Today, Tivat celebrates November 21 – the Day of the Municipality. On this occasion, in accordance with all prescribed measures, a small number of traditional ceremonial events were organized.

The delegation of the Municipality of Tivat, consisting of the President of the Municipality Zeljko Komnenovic, the President of the Municipal Assembly Dr. Andrija Petkovic and the Vice President of the Municipality Goran Bozovic, together with the delegation of OBNOR and the Navy of the Army of Montenegro, laid a wreath at the monument to the Fallen Fighters. The President of the Municipality of Tivat symbolically handed over the state flag to the detachment of the Boka Navy in front of the Municipal building. Due to epidemiological circumstances, this year the solemn session of the Municipal Assembly was absent, but also the traditional parade in which the City Orchestra, majorettes and the Boka Navy participate.

As part of the celebration of the Day of the Municipality, monetary awards were presented to the best students from Tivat: Milica Scepanovic, Dijana Malinic, Jovana Ivanovic, Tamara Djukic, Valerija Vuksanovic and Petra Popadic. “Great people said that the only thing that is indestructible is the idea. And the idea is that the local government, today, invests in what is called knowledge and commitment. You all with a study average of 9.5 have proved that you are both hardworking and talented and that the future, above all you, and this city is in front of you. “Our goal is for all of you to have the perspective to return to this city, to contribute to its economic and cultural development and to give your contribution in something called the future of Tivat,” said Komnenović, presenting awards to the best.

Representatives of local government and media, on behalf of the winners, were greeted by Milica Scepanovic: “This year has certainly brought with it many changes, both in our private and professional terms, so I sincerely look forward to this award, which I will especially remember and record in an order of bibliographic units of life, which will color this year and forever remind us that this city still thinks of me and all of us, as it has always done ”.

“I sincerely hope that next year will bring us the much-needed solution to the epidemic crisis caused by the coronavirus – to return to normal life, to feel safe again, to welcome the end of the growing economic crisis as soon as possible,” said the mayor in his speech. Congratulations to the citizens and wished, “to welcome the next November 21 in health, harmony, social and financial stability, witnessing the prosperity of our city and a better life for all of us.”

The congratulatory message of the President of the Municipal Assembly of Tivat, Dr. Andrija Petković, states that November 21 is the day when the people of Tivat removed the greatest evil of the 20th century, fascism: “Today, we face new challenges, but we must not forget the past in which our ancestors sacrificed all… We are facing problems, we are facing a coronavirus epidemic, we are facing a lack of money, but we still have to always remember what it was like for them.” Congratulating the citizens on the City Day, he reminded them of the tradition of playing the Boka Dance, the importance of unity, multi-confessionalism and multiethnicity, which it symbolically carries.