JPU Bambi and the educational unit in Donja Lastva are suspending the admission of children until further notice

29 Jun 2020

One person in Tivat was confermed with the the coronavirus infection.

Since this is a person who is employed in the Public Preschool Institution “Bambi”, in agreement with the President of the Municipal Team for Protection and Rescue Dr. Siniša Kusovac, the management of this institution suspended the admission of children in the central unit and regional educational unit in Donja Lastva. Contact testing and necessary tests will be performed by the competent epidemiological services.

Parents will be informed in a timely manner about all upcoming activities and measures.

The Municipal Team for Protection and Rescue reminds the citizens of hygienic and sanitary measures – the obligatory use of masks in public closed spaces, keeping a distance and hygiene of hands and space.