House numbers

23 Jun 2020

The Secretariat for Communal Affairs, Traffic and Energy Efficiency of the Municipality of Tivat invites citizens to take the table with the house number for the streets: Bradaševo, Brštin, Bradaševo I, Bradaševo II, Bradaševo III, Bradaševo IV, Kava, Kava I, Komat, Dumidran, Dumidran I, Dumidran II, Dumidran III, Dumidran IV, Dumidran V, Dumidran VI, Gornji Dumidran, Gornji Dumidran I, Lorovina, Donje Seljanovo, Kotorska, Pijavica, Pijavica I, Ruljina, Gornja Ruljina, Ruljina I, Ruljina II, Donja Lastva I, Donja Lastva II, Donja Lastva III, Donja Lastva IV and Sedmi kvart Street. They can do that every working day from 8 am to 2 pm in the Municipality of Tivat, office no. 11, first floor. Citizens are obliged to place the downloaded tables on their buildings in such a way that they are visible from the street to which the building belongs.