Congratulations from the president of the municipality, Zeljko Komnenovic, on the occasion of the Day of the Municipality of Tivat

21 Nov 2020

Dear fellow citizens,

I congratulate you on November 21, the day of the Municipality of Tivat, which we celebrate in memory of the day when Tivat was liberated from the occupiers, at the twilight of one of the world’s greatest conflicts. From then until today, we are convinced, the people of Tivat do not lack courage and a spirit of freedom. Let us keep that flame for generations to come.

I sincerely hope that next year will bring us a much-needed solution to the epidemic crisis caused by the coronavirus – to return to normal life, to feel safe again, to welcome the end of the growing economic crisis as soon as possible.

Dear citizens of Tivat, I want to welcome the next November 21 in health, harmony, social and financial stability, witnessing the prosperity of our city and a better life for all of us. Congratulations to those fellow citizens who celebrate Arandjelovdan and Our Lady of Health!