Congratulations from the President of the Municipal Assembly, Dr. Andrija Petković, on the occasion of the Day of the Municipality of Tivat

20 Nov 2020

Dear fellow citizens,

November 21 is the day when the people of Tivat removed the greatest evil of the 20th century, fascism. Today, we are facing new challenges, but we must never forget that past in which our ancestors sacrificed everything for us to be who we are today. We are facing problems, we are facing an epidemic of coronavirus, we are facing a lack of money, but still we must always remember what it was like for them.

At this year’s celebration, unfortunately, we will not be able to watch and listen to the traditional dance of the Boka Navy, but I believe that now in these difficult times, all of us have recognized the richness that the multi-confessionalism and multi-ethnicity of Tivat offers. And I say we will not listen to the Boka dance, but I cannot end this congratulation in any other way than with a common message for all of us, no matter what religion or nation:

“Let us all enter the circle, extend our hands,

let us show everyone around that we live in brotherly harmony.

Let us sing on occasion and we like our grandfathers,

that in the family, not in vain, we are the sons of one mother. “

Dr. Andrija Petković,

President of the Municipal Assembly of Tivat