Call center for food delivery shall be reactivated tomorrow

13 Nov 2020

The Municipality of Tivat is reactivating the team of volunteers who will provide fellow citizens in need with the service of procurement and delivery of basic food and hygiene items to their home address. Trained young volunteers, 10 of them, mostly employed in the Municipality of Tivat, will respond to calls from fellow citizens, those who, due to their stay in self-isolation, are not able to do the procurement themselves or have time to do it for them. Also, help of this kind will be provided to vulnerable categories of people, over the age of 65 and those who suffer from chronic diseases.

From tomorrow (Saturday, November 14) the phone number to the call center shall be active +382 (0) 69 351 251.

The working hours of the call center are from 7:00 to 17:00, on all days except Sunday when the shops are closed. All these activities are implemented on a non-profit, voluntary basis and on the basis of solidarity with citizens.

Today, the president of the municipality of Tivat held a meeting with volunteers, the secretary of the Red Cross of Tivat, Dusko Bozovic, and the meeting was also attended by the vice president of the municipality of Tivat, Goran Bozovic. Everyone involved in this citizens’ support program will be in constant contact, in order to act in the most efficient way.