A bank account for donations for the purchase of necessary medical devices

13 Nov 2020

The Municipality of Tivat and the Tivat Health Center invite you to make donations to support the purchase of much-needed medical devices: rapid antigen tests for covid 19 and other missing medical and protective equipment. Cash donations can be paid by all private and public entities to the intended donor bank account of the Health Center Tivat, opened with NLB Bank: 530-26315-26.

The President of the Municipality Zeljko Komnenovic and the President of the Municipal Assembly of Tivat Dr. Andrija Petkovic visited the Health Center Tivat today and talked with the director of this health institution, Prof. Dr. Jasminka Andjelic, about the current epidemiological situation and the problems it faces in everyday work.

“The epidemiological situation is becoming more and more complicated. I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the work of the competent institutions, primarily the National Coordination Body (NCB) and the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro. Practically, the citizens are left alone. Our medical institutions were left without medical means. We, as a local government, reacted and urgently formed a fund, to which funds can be paid for the purchase of rapid antigen tests and other missing medical equipment, “said Komnenovic and thanked for the help sent immediately by the company  “Lustica Development” ad, paying € 12,000.

The support of the company “Adriatic Marinas” is expected, as well as other prominent companies from Tivat.

“We must function in this interregnum situation as well.” Significant funds went to the joint NKT funding at the beginning of the year and we expect that these funds will now be spent for these purposes. I call on the NCTs to start paying attention to the local government and citizens, because that is why they exist, and not to deal with political statements, because we do not need politics at this moment, “Komnenović emphasized.

The Municipality of Tivat donated the amount of € 10,000 originally intended from the budget of the Municipal Assembly, for the celebration of the “November Days” and the celebration of the Day of the Municipality.

“November days in Tivat were always celebrated with music, games, with traditional Boka Navy dance. Then we celebrated the victory over fascism. Today we are faced with one serious enemy, and that enemy does not choose people by nation, religion, gender. “He” is a danger to everyone. ” – said Dr. Andrija Petković and added that there is fear, and that those who are not afraid must think about their loved ones. “We postponed almost all events and what was the unanimous position of the management, is to help our medical staff and our citizens with that money. I hope that other entities will accept the invitation to help, because the building that is currently behind me (prim. Aut. Dom zdravlja Tivat, Tivat Health Center), is our most important institution. “

The Health Center Tivat pointed out the very difficult situation due to the decreasing inflow of funds, but also the great pressure that the employees in this institution have been dealing with for months. The institution is obliged to independently procure fast antigen tests, and one of the problems is the increased consumption of medical, protective equipment and consumables. The director of the Health Center Tivat, Prof. Dr. Jasminka Anđelić, announced that the ground floor of the Health Center will be intended for covid patients, while the first floor of this institution will be intended for other patients. “Colder weather is coming and we have to arrange the work of the covid clinic in some way, so that patients do not wait outside,” said Dr. Andjelic and thanked all employees, but also the local government and other donors, who will allow good health to work smoothly.

The Tivat Health Center will be in charge of monitoring the earmarked spending of funds.

The president of the municipality mentioned that the donation of 4,000 masks to the local government was provided by the “Hemiias” Foundation, the founder and certified humanist Haris Brčvak. Also, the representatives of the company “CG Investment” doo Tivat, for the Tivat Health Center provided a new ambulance worth € 30,000.

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